Low Light

One of the photographic subjects/environments I like is low light. I am really fighting how to do this with my D300. If the ISO goes up, the image is grainy, soft, and usually out of focus. Wide aperture makes it even harder to focus. Aarrgh!

One of the big problems is the fact that shooting low light requires such low shutter speeds that there is no way for your eye to see what the camera is going to capture. I guess the programmer in me expects art to be programmatic, automatic, and predictable. *sigh*

I practiced shooting low light in my bathroom with the lights off. I set the focus manually with the lights on, turned off the lights, then adjusted the manual shutter speed and aperture until I got within -1 EV of ‘correct’. I could barely see anything, but the photo came out exposed like a normal room with lights on. Rock on, fast prime lens!

Edit:¬†By turning on the High ISO Noise Reduction (low, norm, high), the photos look much better, but at what cost?¬†Should I worry about in-camera changes in terms of altering the image in a way that I can’t recover from?

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