goofing around

I tried to run out and get a photo of a pair of big barn owls on the roof across the street. I grabbed my longest lens and my tripod and headed outside.

They were gone.

When I came back inside, I was messing around with the long lens, snapping photos of stuff around the house. I discovered that if I cranked the ISO up high enough that I could get a still image (3200 in this case), the photos from this long lens are surprisingly crisp even in low light. (Hmm, it’s a minimum f/5.6 at that 300mm focal length, not exactly a low light lens.)

Crayons from 10 feet, 300mm focal (450mm with crop factor).


Disturbing a cat nap.


I’m surprised at both of these. I can read the copyright statements on the crayons, and the sharp focus and colors on the cat’s face are very good.

I guess sometimes, you just get lucky. Yeah, these won’t win any awards or cheers, but I like them a lot given the story behind them.


One comment on “goofing around

  1. Interesting to see your blog. I came by way of Aminus3 and am new to the blogging world, with photos or words. Good to see you back into photography and hope that it helps you along in life. We can see the world a bit differently after spending time looking at it through a lens, helps us focus. I made you a favorite so will see you around.Monte

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