Workflow Issues

I have been using Aperture since the day I got my camera. I really like it for its organizational skills and its image editing. Version 2.1 really has almost everything I would want for photo editing. My problem with it is workflow and file management.

I like the DNG format. Aperture doesn’t use it, but Lightroom does. Lightroom is built for 64-bit support (my next computer will be 64-bit, I’m sure). Aperture creates tif and jpg files all over the place to manage its non-destructive workflow, but DNG allows Lightroom to do non-destructive edits in the same file. Aperture hides all your files in a special folder, but Lightroom just uses your files directly from the file system. I like the Lightroom file management much, much better, so I downloaded Lightroom.

I can’t figure out the image editing flow, and the organization is weaker. Although, I think my photo organization will be more file system folder based, rather than dependent upon a program, so Lightroom should do fine as my organization skills improve. My big issue is that Lightroom has curves, like Photoshop, but no levels. Aperture’s levels really fit my mental flow. Aperture also has better zoom options, a really cool loupe, and a more obvious layout. Aarrgh! I wish someone would show me how to use Lightroom to its full potential.

I know there are web resources, and I am checking them out, but a one-on-one person would be great here. Anyone care to do some pro bono tutoring on Lightroom?

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