unintended consequences

It’s amazing, and always predictable. Great photo opportunities either find me without my camera, without the right lens, without my tripod, or unable to capture what I’m seeing.


This scene had some great haze and really cool colors, according to my eyes. The captured image is flat, slightly out of focus, and just doesn’t grab you like the real-life scene did.

On the flip side, I keep getting lucky when I’m just screwing around.


I was messing around with wide apertures and fast shutter speeds, indoors. This was a well-lit room, and the fan was at top speed. I’m very pleasantly surprised by the result. Originally I was using ISO 800 and 1/4000th sec. shutter speed. I decided to go for ISO 200 for richer color and less noise, but the 1/4000th sec. image was nice as well.


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