It’s hard to produce really good images without wanting to make some little tweak in a way that only Photoshop can do. My problem has always been fear and lack of creativity. I cringe at the idea of using Photoshop.

That’s changing, thanks to some great podcasts. If you use Photoshop, or Lightroom, check out Lightroom Killer Tips, Photoshop Killer Tips, and Photoshop User TV. I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable, but they give some great tutorials and tips in a way that empowers me to try stuff. And we all know what happens once I get the hang of something, right? Double-shot gonzo, full-throttle, that’s me.

Matt and Dave give tons of great info. Even Dave’s daughter Stephanie knows her stuff and is an accomplished photographer, model, and Photoshop expert. Check them out – killer stuff. 🙂

Hey, by the way, buy some of my prints so I can go on one of their cruises before Hawaii seceeds from the union, OK? Please? 😉


Gallery Series, Part Two

A barn owl.



The same owl, with some HDR treatment for detail and color.


A burrowing owl. He just finished flapping his wings (to stretch or perhaps cool himself off) and a nearby twig caught his wing feathers. He is not injured.