Nikon SDK available

Hallelujah!!! Hey Adobe, have you got yours yet? I would love to see Lightroom handle my camera’s advanced settings (High ISO NR for example) as well as Capture NX.

The long-standing complaint with shooting in the RAW image format is that only the camera manufacturer’s software can truly deal with the file properly. The files have encryption on the special settings like color profiles and noise reduction. Lightroom has “Camera Profiles” which approximate the camera’s color profiles, and there are lots of third party noise reduction tools, but this would all be easier on the user if Lightroom had access to everything in the raw file.

The other complaint is about the proprietary nature of camera manufacturer’s file formats. Thus, Adobe created the DNG (Digital Negative) file format and has submitted it for ISO standardization. I don’t think this move by Nikon makes this effort by Adobe moot, but it does make me wonder which format will win out for Nikon users 10 years from now.

Capture NX (and the equivalents from Canon et. al.) are too slow and too ugly to be useful, at least to me and many people out there.


2 comments on “Nikon SDK available

  1. Jason says:

    Canon’s had an SDK out there for a while now too – the P&S crowd loves it because they can unlock some more advanced features that were otherwise disabled, thus enhancing feature sets. Granted the warranty is voided, but still a fun thing to add.As for the Canon software itself, Digital Photo Pro has a built in feature that allows you to export full-sized TIFF files with the color profile from Canon intact…it’s nice having the DNG, and the camera profiles in PS too, but the native software is always going to do the best job. When it comes to startup time between PS and DPP it’s night and day. I only did the LR beta testing versions, but still understand the load time is significant (not to PS levels, but getting there as they add features for photographers)…Just some additional food for thought from the Canon perspective! 🙂

  2. Kevin says:

    Yeah, the fact that Canon has had a free SDK for a long time is what makes this news. I’m not sure what will come of it but I hope it makes my life easier.

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