Is Facebook friendly to photographers?

I’m curious how other photographers out there interpret the different views concerning the new Facebook terms of service / privacy rules. On one hand, it seems atrocious. On the other hand, Facebook seems either misunderstood or completely naive on copyright issues.

I might buy the argument from Facebook’s perspective with regard to comments and messages, but they seem oblivious to photography and copyright protection. Am I missing something?

I’ve removed my images from Facebook for the time being. (I know, legally it’s too late and Facebook owns those images, which I couldn’t be more upset about.) I’ll post images on Facebook again once I am assured that I own the copyright to any images I post and Facebook only has permission to make posted images viewable.

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2 comments on “Is Facebook friendly to photographers?

  1. Jason says:

    I’ve been cautious as well – for the time being the TOS has been reverted back to the original, but no idea how long that will last…they sure caught a lot of flack for that (and rightly so…)!

  2. Kevin says:

    It seems they are only concerned about status posts and “Wall” comments, yet they are the largest photo sharing web site on Earth. They fail to specify anything about photos and copyright protection at all. I would really like to see and explicit statement of their stance and terms in the areas of copyright ownership of images and commercial use of images.

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