Comments on "The Best of What's New"

The great guys on the Digital Photography Life podcast raised some points that I found to be overly negative and not completely impartial. I wanted to rebut those points and raise an alternate perspective on these news items.

I’m very intrigued by the Lumix G1 / Micro Four Thirds idea. I’m not ready to call it the Next Big Thing, not yet, but it might be. Removing the mirror and pentaprism in an interchangeable lens camera system is a very remarkable evolution of camera design. Imagine if Nikon & Canon took this idea and ran with it. I don’t know if Micro Four Thirds will provide enough resolution and detail to satisfy D3X and 1Ds Mk III customers, but the “no mirror, no prism” idea is very remarkable. Remarkable, at the very least. I’m watching this new design closely.

It’s not completely unfair to ignore the video capabilities of either the Nikon D90 or the Canon 5D Mk. II in a photography-specific camera review. It is an interesting new feature, and not to be ignored overall, but it’s not a photography feature. Many photographers couldn’t give a rip about taking or processing HD video, and I find it refreshing to review these cameras on their photographic merits separately from their video merits. To be fair, there should be a very in-depth review of the 5D Mk. II and D90 strictly for video.

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