Canon 5D mark II discontinued?

What is this? Is this a mistake?

If it’s true, I wonder if there will be a 5D mark III to replace it.


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2 comments on “Canon 5D mark II discontinued?

  1. Nitesh Mulmi says:

    Hi, i’m planing to purchase 5D Mark II in next 7 to 8 months, if by then mark III is in the market, will Mark II will be discontinued and what will be the price of Mark III…Thanks

  2. victor says:

    Canon is very secretive about the release date of 5D Mark iii. I just spoke to a sales man today he said he wouldn’t be surprised if the price of Mark iii would be $1000 more than the current price of 5D mark ii. Todays price of mark ii with 24-105 f4 L lens is around $3200, but when it was first released it was around $4500. If you are waiting for mark iii be prepared for additional $1000 for the kit. Probably it will have more advanced auto focus 19 point like the 7D compared to its present 9 point focus.Bit more in the megapixel at least 28 , more advanced video, better weather seal, dual slot for card. If these really matter for additional $1000 then it is worth waiting. If you see the Mark ii with 24-105 price drop to $3000 grab it.

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