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Nomitations to be invited, to be precise. I’ve got 8 23 – first come, first served.


Wideangle Bokeh

I’ve been experimenting with shooting wide-angle and wide open. Just because I’m curious. Can you get a nice blur with a wide-angle lens?

These shots aren’t all that great, and I didn’t shoot them all at the same time in an organized test. It’s more of a question that’s been nagging me in the back of my mind and I decided to gather some shots and blog about it.






I conclude you can get decent some blur if you try hard enough and have a fast enough wide-angle lens, but it’s not as nice as an 85mm f/1.4 and it’s impossible to blur out the background to the same degree that a telephoto lens could do. It can be a unique style if you want to take that on, but it seems a bit incomplete.

Do you have any wide-angle shots with bokeh? Please share!