The Last Roll

Mama Took My Kodachrome Away

It’s sad to see the end of such an important and iconic era. I’m very pleased to see it celebrated rather than just fading into the night. And Steve McCurry is a good choice to have shoot the last roll.

Why not celebrate along?

The Kodachrome Project

“Kodachrome” by Paul Simon

A Tribute to Kodachrome by Kodak

Kodachrome on Wikipedia

I for one hope film never does die out. Digital is great, but film is still great and no one makes a digital sensor as big as the 60mm x 70mm negative I get from an old Mamiya RB67.

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One comment on “The Last Roll

  1. Terrell Nabb says:

    Hi. Just a note to tell you I think our site is pretty cool. Thanks and Happy 4th!

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