Lensbaby with Film

Play time.

I’m selling my Nikon gear and switching to Canon. Most of the expensive stuff has sold, but the Canon gear is just starting to arrive. In the mean time, I had a film camera and a Lensbaby and an urge to photograph something.







Velvia Lost and Found

I thought I had one more roll left, but couldn’t find it. Then, about a year later, I found it. I put the roll in my FM2n and shot mostly with the 35mm f/2 D lens wide open, with a polarizer.

What a great way to remember how wonderful Velvia film can be.







Pure Unobtanium


I get 120 megapixel scans from my RB67, which makes huge 6cm x 7cm Velvia negatives. The files are 750MB each. Let that sink in for a minute. Twenty frames will consume fifteen gigabytes of space on your CF card and subsequent hard drive. And they are getting this from a 1.3x crop sized sensor? At 9.5 frames per second? There’s no way a CF card can keep up with that. And the noise from all those unbelievably small pixels must be atrocious.

I call meadow muffins on this one. Even if it turns out to be true, it’s crazy.