Lensbaby with Film

Play time.

I’m selling my Nikon gear and switching to Canon. Most of the expensive stuff has sold, but the Canon gear is just starting to arrive. In the mean time, I had a film camera and a Lensbaby and an urge to photograph something.






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3 comments on “Lensbaby with Film

  1. Dan says:

    Kevin, How come you are switching to Canon. I shoot canon and I am considering switching to Nikon. My decision will wait until the next generation D700 and 5D are released. I assume you will be purchasing the 16-35mm II lens. If you have it, how does it compare to nikon wides?ThanksDan

  2. Kevin says:

    Nikon doesn’t fit me any more. Nikon makes excellent gear, but the best gear is not designed for me. The high ISO and autofocus are awesome, but I need high resolution and low cost. Nikon’s only high resolution camera is $8K – way out of my league. Nikon’s great gear is very heavy and very expensive, and they’re only now starting to make some mid-level lenses (f/4 zooms, 28-300). They’re finally starting to release new fast primes, but you have to sell both kidneys and a lung to get one. By switching, I’m in a much better place and able to focus more on my craft and less on my wallet and hiking capacity. Also, Nikon’s 24mm tilt-shift can’t rotate the axis of the tilt and shift movements to be either parallel or perpendicular – Canon’s can, for $200 less. I mostly shoot from a tripod, using live view, at f/11, at minimum ISO – I don’t even need autofocus, let alone “fast” glass.Nikon also has some supply chain issues. Why is all the good stuff back-ordered for 9 months? D3s, 85/1.4 AFS, TC20E-III, 200-400/4VR-II – good luck actually seeing any one of these.I don’t recommend anyone switch systems. It’s usually expensive and everything will be backwards. Most people benefit from Nikon’s bigger pixels and low noise and great autofocus – action shots of the toddler will come out great and look great in an 8×10. Most people don’t need more megapixels – an 8 megapixel compact can make great images for the web or even a book. Most people would likely be perfectly happy with a 16-85 VR, 70-300 VR, 35/1.8 and D3100. For me, I’m going for the large print over the fireplace, the large format style of fine art landscapes, on a low budget digital SLR format, and there’s no way to do that with Nikon on my budget. For me, I happened to have enough Nikon gear that the Canon gear could be paid for in a straight swap, and that sealed the deal.I actually went with the 17-40 f/4L – just as sharp as the Canon 16-35 (at f/11) for 1/2 the price, and lighter too. It’s not quite as sharp as the Nikon 16-35, but it’s $500 cheaper. 🙂

  3. Dan O'Keeffe says:

    Kevin,Thanks for the comments. I am shooting Canon 40D and enjoy the f/4 L zoom lenses series. Nikon does not have these and that is the negative for me. Assuming I do stick with Canon, which will probably be the case for $ reasons, I will try my 28mm prime for wide angle shots…Might be a stretch.CheersDan

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