Motocross Des Nations 2010 Slideshow

I exported a video slideshow out of Lightroom 3 to show the best shots I got from this race.


Read Your Manual

I actually sat down the other night and read the manual for my new Canon camera. It was a boring night, what can I say? Anyway, I noticed something that I would never have thought of.

My camera has what’s called “Silent Mode”. I wish my old Nikon had this feature. Seriously! What is it? It’s used when you’re using Live View. Live View is when the mirror in your SLR flips up out of the way and the LCD screen on the back shows what the sensor is seeing, straight through the lens, in real time. The “view” is “live”.

Why do I like Silent Mode? When I would take an image while in Live View on my old Nikon, the mirror would slam down into the original position, crash up in the photo-taking position, the shutter would fire, then the mirror would slam down again, then the mirror would crunch up as it return to Live View mode again. Ker-thunk, ker-thunk, ker-thunk. … Ker-thunk. Very noisy, and tons of vibration. This is not good when you’re doing long exposures in the wind. Anyway, the Canon, when making an image while in Live View, will just fire the shutter. The mirror doesn’t make four round trips just to take 1 shot, in fact it doesn’t move. Quiet and smooth.

So, back to the topic. The 5D mark II has 3 settings for Silent Mode. Mode 1 allows continuous shooting when you are in the continuous drive mode. Mode 2, a.k.a. “stealth mode” I like to call it, will only take one photo when you press the shutter button. Aaaand, it will hold the camera as long as you hold the shutter button down. As best I can tell, this holds the shutter in the “fired” position, and the shutter resets when you release the shutter button. Very cool.

Here’s the trick. The third mode is Disable. I will quote the instructions:

If you use a TS-E lens to make vertical shift movements or use and Extension Tube, be sure to set this to [Disable]. Setting it to [Mode 1] or [Mode 2] will result in incorrect or irregular exposures. When you press the shutter button completely, the shutter will should like it took two shots. However, only one shot will be taken.

So if I put the TS-E on and forget to change the Silent Mode, I could be setting myself up for trouble. Who would have guessed??

I don’t usually read manuals, at least not very thoroughly, but I’m sure glad I did this time!!