Get Well Soon!

Sorry, this won’t be an upbeat story or photo, or yet another rant against the forces of stupidity. Rather, it’s just a note to share what happened to David duChemin and to wish him a speedy (and complete!) recovery.

Read all about it from Jeffrey Chapman’s blog here. Eli Reinholdtsen posted some photos on her blog here, which seems to calm down overactive imaginations like mine.

Man, I was already having a rough day … now this. My thoughts are with David, as well as Corwin and Jeffrey and all the workshop participants who witnessed the fall. Get well soon, friend.

I’ve disabled comments on this – please wish David well via Twitter, Facebook, or his blog. I’m sure he doesn’t read my blog or even know who I am, so your well wishes wouldn’t reach him if you post them here.


Cheap Lenses Can Be Great

Sure, expensive lenses can be wonderful, but they aren’t mandatory equipment. You can make excellent images with the most basic equipment available.

I saw this sunrise and knew I had only a minute or two to grab the shot, so I raced to a hill top safely pulled over to the side of the road and grabbed my camera. All I had was my 50mm f/1.8 II, a.k.a. the “plastic fantastic”, on my camera body. No filters, no tilt-shift, no tripod, just the cheapest lens I could possibly have. So, I set the camera for Automatic Exposure Bracketing, held the camera in a portrait orientation, and took seven bracketed frames of the scene, for 21 total photos. Within a minute, the scene was gone.