Ansel Adams on Visualization and Creative Photography

I think of Stieglitz’s definition of photography -a paraphrase of what I heard him say many times. In the earlier days, when people were very scornful of what he called “creative photography” or “photography as art,” they would ask: “Mr. Stieglitz, how do you go about making the creative photograph?” He would answer, “When I have a desire to photograph, I go out in the world with my camera. I come across something that excites me emotionally and esthetically. I’m creatively excited. I see the picture in my mind’s eye and I make the exposure and I give you the print as the equivalent of what I saw and felt.” The word “equivalent” is very important. It’s two things-what is seen and what is felt about it. That’s why the naturalistic element in photography is very important. When you intentionally depart from the natural situation you can get into trouble. Unless you depart far enough.

From his Last Interview.

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2 comments on “Ansel Adams on Visualization and Creative Photography

  1. At first, I thought of photographs as memories in printed paper. But times change and so does the style in photography. I've seen a lot of photo collection that exemplifies art and some of them are taken by professional to amateur photographers.

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